Our MissionIs to provide the best customer service

Based on honesty, trust, commitment to job excellence and exceeding our customer's expectations.


ExpertsFor all your electrical needs

Welcome to Elco Electric


Safety FirstWe believe

Our employees are our most valuable asset and safety is our first priority.

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San Jose Electrical Contractor

We Are the Experts for All Your Electrical Needs

Founded in 2003, our mission was to provide the best customer service based on honesty, trust, and commitment to overall excellence. We continuously strive to exceed our customer’s expectations. Our company creates an environment that challenges and enables employees to be their best. When you choose to hire us for a project, you can be confident we will complete it in a reliable manner. We believe that the quality of our work will truly represent us as an organization. Regardless of the size of the project, our goal is to build a lasting relationship with all of our clients.

Committed to Job Excellence

We serve a variety of clients in a wide range of industries. Throughout the years, we have earned a reputation for our sense of professionalism and commitment to excellent customer service. When it comes to your needs, you can rest assured that they will be met and that we take the time to understand your individual requirements.

Our services include:

Please do not hesitate to call our office today at (408) 434-6601 to learn more!

Our Values

  • Founded in 2003
  • Highest Quality Electrical Contracting Service
  • Outstanding Reputation
  • Diverse Team w/ Global Experience
  • Continually Broadening our Range of Services
  • Safety is our first priority
  • C-10 Electrical - 826975